Quality Management

Each aircraft operator is forced, by legal requirements, to implement a functional quality assurance program to be in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the relevant Aviation Authority.

TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH will help you to fulfill the requirements of national and international Aviation Authorities. We will assist you in securing and further improving your competitiveness and profitability. Our team provides concepts suitable to your individual needs.

Monitoring the implementation of the quality management actions taken in your organization is an essential part of our services. The TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH experts will carry out examinations and audits, issue inspection reports and documents as evidence for the National Aviation Authorities as well as for your clients.

Your existing procedures will be reviewed and optimized, or — if desired — started from scratch, fitting your specifications and the legal requirements. A recurrent analysis of your procedures in regards of necessary changes and its practicability are part of our services.

TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH ties full-service quality management packages fitting your needs!

This service is operated by our proud partner TRS Aviation Compliance GmbH.