Part NCC” — Non-Commercial Aircraft Operations

The European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, imposed the obligation to non-commercial operators of complex aircraft to comply with “Part NCC” aiming to bring them closer to commercial standards.

Effective August 2016 non-commercial operators of complex aircraft are required to hold a declaration of capability and compliance as well as an Operations Manual, to submit of their complex aircraft to a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, or CAMO, and to implement a Management System.

TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH will help you taking the necessary steps to adapt the necessary changes to your operation in order to be in line with the upcoming EASA regulations. We will be happy to assist you introducing Operation Manuals according to the applicable Part-ORO, Subpart MLR rules, establishing the necessary Management Systems, and finding tailor-made solutions identifying best practice solutions suitable to your requirements.

More information can be found in our “Part NCC” information resources: