Established in 2002, the International Standards for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) is an industry code of best practices developed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) for the international business aviation community.

IS-BAO provides baseline requirements for structuring flight departments as well as all processes associated from the planning to the conducting of their operations. It challenges all departments to review the actual procedures and programs while recognizing strengths and weaknesses in those procedures with the aim to upgrade the operation to a higher standard. This standard is based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards which prepare operators for both domestic and international operations.

Benefits of IS-BAO

  1. Improvement of safety
    A recent study indicated that adaption to IS-BAO standards would have prevented approximately one-quarter of business jet accidents occurring over a recent five-year period;
  2. Improvement of security
    The IS-BAO process is the perfect framework for analyzing threats and developing a security program tailored to your operations;
  3. Savings
    Approximately one-third of IS-BAO registered operators report significant insurance savings as a result of registration;
  4. Measurability
    IS-BAO implements the ability to measure overall department performance;
  5. Increase of passenger and corporate confidence and satisfaction
    The rigorous analysis and procedures result in a more consistent level of service to your passengers, spotlighting the discipline and professionalism of your flight operation.
IS-BAO Accredited Auditor at IBAC

IS-BAO Accredited Auditor at IBAC

TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH is certified with IBAC Auditor Accreditation to offer auditing, re-auditing and consulting for the implementation of IS-BAO standards.
Offering different options with regard to audit conduct and IS-BAO standards, TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH supports you in finding a tailored solution for your specific type of operation.

This service is operated by our proud partner TRS Aviation Compliance GmbH.